Man Lifts Create Value Across Crucial American Industries

Aerial Lifts - Versalift Distributors are Quoting Faster Delivery

Man lifts can be defined as equipment that is used for the vertical conveyance of personnel. Mounted upon trucks and tracked equipment and used across the world, man lifts are used to build, maintain and repair essential overhead equipment. Electric utility linemen and technicians from other fields have many responsibilities in the elevated workplace, though their jobs are essentially to maintain and repair elevated aerial plant. Vehicle-mounted man lifts create the mobility and access that operators and technicians need to meet their highly specific requirements. As a leading innovator in vehicle-mounted equipment, Versalift provides a lower true cost of ownership to customers in several industries.


Man Lifts for Electric Utility, Forestry & Visual Communications

Man lifts, which are more familiarly known in the United States as bucket trucks, aerial lifts or aerial work platforms, are used for similar purposes across many industries. The equipment is designed and built to efficiently and safely convey technicians, their materials and equipment to the elevated workplace. Versalift distributors work closely with electric utility companies and electric cooperatives to deliver a complete fleet solution, including equipment sales, service, parts, training, competitive financing and ready-to-go inventory.


Electric Utility

Man lifts for electric utility must be insulated are essential equipment in the electric utility industry because they provide linemen with safe access to vertically remote points such as utility poles, and in some cases, ultra high voltage electric power transmission lines. Insulated high-reach man lifts are mission-critical for the service and repair of electric utility systems across North America and around the world. View insulated Versalift man lifts for electric utility.


Forestry & Line Clearing

American forestry, vegetation management and tree care businesses rely on man lifts as an essential tool. Most often, forestry crews work off truck-mounted man lifts that are built with standard forestry configurations or for additional horizontal reach. They are standard equipment for forestry crews – including hook tenders, slingers, and setters – allowing them to safely reach and efficiently work at elevation.  Read about the newest product innovations offered by Versalift Forestry here.


Visual Communications

Man lifts used for signage, roadway lighting and traffic signal maintenance are employed by municipal and contractor fleets. It is most common for these fleets to use vehicle-mounted man lifts in order to maintain lighting and signage, as it is all located along roads and in lots where vehicles have regular access. Take a look at the Tel-29-N, a popular vehicle-mounted man lift for Sign, Light and Traffic applications here.


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