Material Handling- Insulated Aerial Lifts by Versalift

Material Handling Insulated Versalift Equipment

Material handling capacity is a key feature available on aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift. Versalift units that are equipped with jib and winch are available on both insulated and non-insulated bucket trucks. Using aerial lifts with material handling capacity gives fleets the power to lift heavy loads in hazardous environments, while remaining very stable, which is a critically important aspect to the safety of linemen and other technicians who work at height. Stability is essential for any aerial lift, but it is doubly important in the case of electric utility distribution, where live-line work can be extremely hazardous.

Insulated Material Handling All-Stars at Versalift


Material handling is an important feature of the VST-47-MHI, which is one of Versalift’s most popular insulated units. Featuring 1,000 lbs of jib capacity, the VST-47-MHI also features a maximum platform capacity of 600 lbs. Beyond its extensive safety systems and powerful material handling capacity, the VST-47-MHI offers a winning combination of industry leading payload capacity and working envelope. See the complete set of specs, download the details and book a demo of the VST-47-MHI at


Material handling capacity reaches one ton on the VST-6300-MHI, which is one of Versalift’s most powerful insulated units. With jib and winch capacity of 2,000 lbs, the VST-6300-MHI offers an additional 700 lbs of platform capacity. The insulated heavy-duty material handling unit also features industry-leading payload capacity, which is a result of smarter and more reliable equipment design. Learn More at 

Versalift Equipment Delivers a Lower True Cost of Ownership

Material handling is only one advantage of Versalift equipment. Versalift units deliver a lower true cost of ownership due to smarter design and more reliable design. Versalift’s lightweight advantage comes in part from using lighter, high-tensile strength steel, and in part to smarter design that reduces wear and tear on the chassis. Versalift’s equipment has both a lightweight advantage and industry-leading material handling. Fleets experience a lower true cost of ownership with Versalift equipment, which has the fewest recalls and lowest warranty claim rate in the industry. Best-in-class payload on Versalift bucket trucks often means that operators can use material handling units without getting too close to maximum capacity, which makes the jobsite safer. Versalift material handling bucket trucks offer a powerful and lightweight design that prioritizes safety, all while boasting the industry’s lowest true cost of ownership.

Fleet managers who are considering adding new equipment with material handling capacity should consider Versalift equipment, which delivers reliable and powerful jib & winch options without compromising its exceptional safety standards.