MEWPS – Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

MEWPS – Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are used in several crucial industries:

Mobile elevating work platforms are a category of equipment that is used in the maintenance, repair and construction of energy infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, public lighting and signage, and the ongoing maintenance of public lands and spaces. Also known in the industry as Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs), MEWPs are mounted onto vehicle chassis and range in platform height from 30 feet (9 meters) to nearly 300 feet (90 meters).


MEWP Use In North America

Because so much of the power grid is connected through overhead means, and it must be managed and maintained, aerial lifts are essential to both the Power Distribution and Power Transmission Industries. Nearly every home and business in the United States is connected to the power grid, and so bucket trucks can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in suburban communities and in business districts.

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Time Manufacturing Company MEWP & Equipment Brands – Used Around the World

Versalift North America – MEWPs manufactured in Waco, TX and supported a strong local service and distribution network that spans Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Versalift Europe – Deeply integrated European network of MEWP upfitters and distributors.

Ruthmann in North America – Sales, leasing and service of uniquely engineered MEWPs

Ruthmann in Europe – Premium, lightweight and powerful aerial lifts designed and manufactured in Germany, supported by a European distribution network.

Bluelift – Compact tracked aerial lifts with fuel cell options for indoor use, greater than 100 feet of horizontal reach, and other benefits.

Aspen Aerials – Market leading under bridge inspection trucks that are upfitted and serviced in Duluth, MN. A modified Aspen A-62 has been upfitted and has earned the CE Compliance Certification, making it suitable for European use.

Ecoline – MEWP brand supported by Ruthmann Reachmaster in North America and by Ruthmann distributors in Europe

BrandFX – Lightweight line body manufacturer for USE with MEWPs across the United States and Canada

France Elevateur – MEWP manufacturer and distributor that is based in France. France Elevateur works with what are called ‘nacelles élévatrices,’ in French

Movex Lift – MEWP manufacturer based in Spain with a distribution that spans Europe, Arica and Asia.

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MEWP Typical Uses

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are used in several crucial industries:

  • Electric Utility Distribution maintenance fleets commonly use insulated, articulated telescoping aerial lifts that have some element of material handling capability. Mobile elevating work platforms for electric utility distribution maintenance have a working height of greater than 50 feet.

  • Electric Utility Transmission work requires MEWPs with vertical reaches that exceed 100 feet. These high access aerials have different uses, and not all of them require insulation. Versalift high access aerial lifts are available in both insulated and non-insulated versions.

  • Telecommunications fleets are working in the United States to expand the national wired broadband network. Telecommunications overhead infrastructure requires MEWPs with a vertical reach of 30-35 feet, and cable placer units, which are a specialized MEWP category. While some fleets need their equipment to have some limited material handling capability, they generally do not need insulated aerial lifts.

  • Forestry and land management crews work with MEWPs to perform normal forestry tasks, as well as powerline clearing tasks, tree trimming and upkeep and public space maintenance

  • Lighting & Public Safety professionals work with non-insulated aerials that have a working height of around 40 feet. This makes public lighting and signage systems accessible to state and local DOT technicians and contracted engineers, who work together and are responsible for their upkeep.

  • Wind Energy infrastructure requires ongoing maintenance. The tallest MEWPs that are built for turbine and blade maintenance are built by Ruthmann, a Time Manufacturing Company brand, and they currently reach as high as 295 feet.


MEWP Use Indoors & Outdoors

Compact MEWPs have a variety of indoor and outdoor applications that include cleaning skylights, installing surveillance and lighting, repairing and maintaining ductwork and artwork, and thousands of other applications. The remarkably narrow profile of these MEWPs allow them to fit into elevators and through narrow doorways and openings. Additionally, engineers have combined a lithium battery with a traditional combustion engine, solving the issue of noxious fumes indoors. Mobile elevated work platforms are used regularly for construction, maintenance and installation jobs in government buildings, on school and university campuses, and industrial job sites.

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