SkyBird: Reaching New Heights


Vertically inclined to get the job done

With 50 years of ideas to draw on, Versalift is excited to announce the release of the Skybird 215-I at the 2015 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition. Born out of collaborative engineering, or as we like to call it, “an assembly of our best ideas,” the Skybird’s design brings you height, accessibility, security, and power. In short, we’ve made it for real work in the real world.

SKYBIRD capabilities

The Skybird has an impressive and powerful design that will match your highest needs. Providing you power right from the beginning, our Skybird is mounted on a Freightliner 114SD Twinsteer that allows for compact travel between jobs.

An insulated bucket height combined with an extending upper boom means the Skybird is equipped to lift you an impressive 215 feet high. For more out-of-reach tasks, the Skybird has a side reach of over 90 feet. And Versalift knows that many jobs require more than just your bare hands, which is why we designed the Skybird with a platform capacity of 1323 pounds.

No matter what task lies ahead of, or above, you, the Skybird will ensure you reach it with ease and safety. Contact one of our Versalift distributors today for more information, or visit us at ICUEE to experience its impressive capabilities firsthand.


  • Working Height                 214′-11”
  • Max Side Reach               92’
  • Max Platform Capacity     1323 lbs
  • Max Jib Capacity              661 lbs
  • Max Total Capacity           1323 lbs