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Versalift Government Services

Jan 26, 2018 | Electric Utility, telecommunications

Bucket trucks, boom trucks, aerial lifts, high reach aerial platforms, cherry pickers: there are many names for the engineered marvels that are produced at the Versalift manufacturing facility in Waco, TX. Versalift has been working to supply bucket trucks and other equipment to the United States government, at federal, military, state, county and municipal levels for fifty years. Bucket trucks must safely and reliably elevate a technician to a place where he or she will likely perform maintenance or repair work to an electric power line, telecommunications line or light fixture. Bucket trucks must additionally be cost effective to maintain, be easily serviceable, and be supported by an organization that has the people, processes and parts to keep them in service and in good working order. This set of product attributes, and the support needed to maintain them, is why Versalift is successful in delivering value to organizations at many levels of government in the United States.


The United States government is sometimes referred to as “the world’s largest customer.” The sets of responsibilities covered by the US government can not be summarized by simply looking at just the Federal government. States, counties and municipalities, which often share funding responsibility with the federal government, have their own sets of obligations which they must maintain. Sorting out which level of government is responsible for which pieces of public infrastructure can be complicated. However, the system itself, which is undoubtedly complex, can best be understood by looking at local, state and interstate thoroughfares. City streets must be maintained by municipalities, while maintenance of state roads is the responsibility of each state. The American Interstate highway system is the property and responsibility of the United States federal government. As a result, the federal government must support and maintain this enormous system. Versalift supports all kinds of government entities, at federal, state and local levels, with bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks that deliver the safest, most reliable and highest overall quality experience.


Cost effective

Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift are highly cost effective. This is because they spend less time out of service than other, comparable equipment. For example, Versalift is the only American manufacturer of bucket trucks, digger derricks and cable placers that does not require a mandatory breakdown of it’s aerial lifts after one year. Versalift keeps the focus on training operators to thoroughly check the vehicle and lift every day, training service technicians on how to troubleshoot its products, and providing resources to organizations so they can be disciplined in conducting preventative maintenance. Delivering a high level of value to government customers is a source of pride at Versalift. Special pricing for some government customers is available through the current Versalift GSA contract (#GS-30F-019GA)


Less time out of service

Consistent preventative maintenance of Versalift equipment results in consistent performance. Preventative maintenance involves regular review of roughly two dozen functions of the lift itself, as well as thoroughly checking the state of critical welds, torque-sealed bolts and all notices and signs on the equipment. Detailed checklists for 30-day, 90-day, 6-month and yearly inspections are included in the individualized maintenance and operation manuals that come with every Versalift bucket truck.


Versalift is an organization with the people, processes and parts to keep their bucket trucks in service, and in good working order.

Our procurement process has been streamlined so that it can deliver the best procurement services in the business, with a dedicated staff in place to support RFPs, Specification Decision Making, Financing, and Service Scheduling. Additionally, the Versalift distribution network includes sales, parts, and service at every location. This makes us accessible everywhere in the continental United States and Canada. We strive to always have parts in stock where they are needed and have the ability to expedite when needed to our entire coverage area.  Service technicians are available both on site (at our distribution centers) or via trouble-trucks that meet clients on the worksite. Versalift also has the flexibility to provide short- or long-term rental fleets to its customers.

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