Versalift High Reach Aerial Lifts Enable Safe and Reliable Operation

PHX 180-I KW T880

High reach aerial lifts that are manufactured by Versalift, a Time Manufacturing Company brand, offer stable and reliable high access equipment to fleets operating in the wind energy and electric power transmission industries. Working conditions for transmission linemen and wind energy technicians regularly exceed 100 feet, in windy conditions. These factors, along with the risk of exposure to high voltage, makes being a high access lift operator a hazardous job. At Versalift, and at all Time Manufacturing Company brands, operator safety is our top priority.

High Reach Aerial Lifts For Electric Power Transmission Construction and Maintenance

High reach aerial lifts used by fleets in the electric power transmission industry are designed by Time Manufacturing Company engineers to be safe, reliable and efficient. Electric power transmission maintenance work requires utility linemen to work at heights greater than 100 feet above the ground on high voltage systems. Versalift CTA and PHX high reach aerial platforms are built to spec and are available as both non-insulated and insulated units.

High Reach Aerial Lifts For The Wind Energy Industry

High reach aerial lifts are often designed for the unique conditions of the wind energy industry. Both Versalift and Ruthmann offer such equipment. Highly stable in windy conditions at full working height and load, Versalift PHX-180 high access aerial work platforms allow for the efficient installation, repair and maintenance of wind turbines and blades of hub heights up to 55 meters. Newly designed wind turbines can be much taller, and require additional horizontal reach. Ruthmann high access aerial lifts include the Ruthmann STEIGER T295A-HF. With a 295 foot working height, it is the most capable aerial lift in its class in North America. While these units are frequently utilized for wind turbine and blade maintenance, they are also used for infrastructure inspection, mineral extraction, and other specialized circumstances.

Ruthmann High Reach Aerial lifts For North America

High reach aerial lifts that are manufactured for the U.S. and Canadian markets by Ruthmann provide innovative solutions to unique access challenges. With working heights that range from 166-295 feet, Ruthmann STEIGER® aerial work platforms are used in support of several essential industries such as electric utility transmission and wind energy. High reach aerial lifts manufactured by Ruthmann feature a unique, multi-beveled boom profile that results in smooth operation. Additionally, Ruthmann STEIGER® units have impressive side reach, ranging between 98 and 137 feet. Ruthmann STEIGER® high access aerial lifts are serviced and sold to North American customers at Ruthmann Reachmaster, a Time Manufacturing Company.

High reach aerial lifts – Demonstration Units – Available Today

High access aerial lifts that are currently available for purchase include insulated and non-insulated CTA-130 and PHX-150 units. Please contact Steve Starling, Director – High Access Aerials, at for pricing and availability information.