Aerial Devices Built To Support Key Industries

Aerial Devices Built To Support Key Industries

Aerial devices manufactured by Versalift deliver a lower true cost of equipment ownership to fleets around North American and the world. Delivering a complete fleet solution, Versalift equipment is designed to be smarter and more reliable than the competition. With nationwide service coverage, a mobile service fleet, rental fleet coverage and equipment financing, Versalift delivers a lower true cost of ownership.


Aerial Devices Manufacturer – Versalift

Versalift is a Time Manufacturing Company brand, and is part of a broader global portfolio of equipment brands that include Ruthmann, Aspen Aerials, Ecoline, and BrandFX. Time Manufacturing Company brands support a broad variety of industries. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of some of the many industries served by Versalift and other Time Manufacturing Company brands.

Aerial Devices For Electric Utility Maintenance

Aerial devices with a smarter, more reliable design for the Electric Utility industry are manufactured by Versalift. Our insulated articulated telescopic bucket trucks, digger derricks and high access aerial platforms provide higher levels of operator safety and efficiency for linemen at the platform. The Versalift VST-47-MHI is a versatile insulated material handling bucket truck, with 51 feet of working height, fully hydraulic upper controls and the most payload in its class.   Electric utility infrastructure maintenance and construction often require the use of high access work platforms and digger derricks.

Aerial Devices for Telecommunications

Aerial devices specially designed by Versalift for telecommunications tasks are available through Versalift distributors. The Vantel-29-Transit, known as the 5G bucket truck, is a telecommunications vehicle with several upfits. As the roll out of 5G continues, Versalift aerial lifts built for telecommunications are specifically designed to safely and efficiently install and maintain new infrastructure and technologies. Additionally, the 5G bucket truck has a taller aerial lift pedestal and climate-controlled cable splicing cabin, which enables greater job efficiency. Technicians have easier basket access, and two additional feet of reach, with a fixed, drop down fly-boom on this 5G unit.

Digger Derricks for Utility and Telecommunications Infrastructure

Versalift digger derricks are truck-mounted augurs that are used by utility fleets to dig holes and set utility poles. These specialized units are increasingly in demand by fleets who are responsible for building, expanding and maintaining telecommunications and electric power infrastructure across the United States. Versalift offers a broad line of digger derrick units including the Versalift TMD-2047-T medium duty digger derrick, and the Versalift TMD-4060-T heavy duty digger derrick. Both of these popular digger derrick units are available in several configurations.

Aerial Devices for Forestry

Aerial devices customized with options and upfits for the Forestry industry are built for heavy duty work for the largest infrastructure and public service fleets in the world. The tree care and vegetation management applications include line-clearing, which may require extra side reach, additional vertical working height or material handling. Versalift Overcenter bucket trucks feature industry leading horizontal reach and payload, and require no mandatory tear-down. Our overcenter aerial lifts can be rear mounted or reverse mounted, providing flexibility to forestry fleets. The Versalift VO-260-REV is a popular forestry model available through Versalift Forestry.

Aerial Devices for Municipal Use, Signage & Lighting Maintenance

Aerial devices that are mounted on public service fleet vehicles are commonly used to service public lighting, traffic signals and public signage. Additionally, county and state departments of transportation use vehicle-mounted aerial devices to maintain road signs, bridges and roadway lighting systems. These units are built to be highly maneuverable and to have a compact footprint. Popular units for sign and light applications include the Versalift SST-40-NE, a non-insulated aerial with 45 feet of working. The Ruthmann Ecoline 75A is a lightweight telescoping unit with 75 feet of working height.  Aerial devices for municipal and county government use are commonly procured through programs such as Sourcewell. Versalift is a qualified equipment supplier for all Sourcewell members. See if your organization qualifies to purchase a Versalift aerial device through Sourcewell.

Insulated Aerial Devices & Digger Derricks For Electric Utility Distribution

Versalift engineers continue to lead the aerial device industry in safety innovation. Operator safety is our top priority, and the insulated aerial devices manufactured and serviced by Versalift are equipped with several unique safety systems that protect the operator and keep the job site safe. Versalift aerial devices built for electric power distribution maintenance tasks include the VST-40-HDI, which is a powerful insulated bucket truck that has 700 pounds of material handling capacity across the entire span of its working envelope. By simplifying the task, our equipment keeps the operator safer.

High Access Aerial Devices For Electric Utility Transmission

High access aerial devices manufactured by Versalift offer units with working heights between 80.17 and 217 feet. Available in either insulated or non-insulated packages, Versalift high access units are easier to maintain and boast the lowest recall rate in the industry. Electric power transmission construction and maintenance requires different equipment depending upon terrain and other access considerations. The Versalift PHX-180-I is an insulated high access aerial with 183 feet of working height and 1,500 pounds of jib and winch capacity.

Under Bridge Inspection

Under bridge inspection equipment by Aspen Aerials is specifically designed to reach the challenging areas required by inspectors for thorough examination. Aspen Aerials Under Bridge Inspection units do not need outriggers and do not damage bridge surfaces. Additionally, the minimum footprint of these units allow for more pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. Without the need for outriggers, bridge inspection trucks are able to move while the boom is deployed, giving inspection professionals flexibility. The Aspen A-62 under bridge inspection truck is designed with unique features such as a telescoping 4th boom and 180 degree rotating platform. The European Aspen A-62 has earned the CE mark, which indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.

Wind Energy

Aerial devices for the wind energy industry include high access work platforms for wind turbine & blade installation and maintenance. In addition, annual maintenance, cleaning and inspection must occur on every blade, on every turbine, in North America and around the world. As a result, the Wind Energy industry has grown increasingly reliant on high reach aerial platforms. The Ruthmann T295A is the most capable 90 meter vehicle mounted aerial lift in North America. Supporting wind energy, electric utility, construction, inspection and extraction industries, this unit features 295 feet of working height, 1,300 pounds of platform capacity and is stable at wind speeds exceeding 30 mph.