Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale – Financing and Rental Options

Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale – Financing and Rental Options at Versalift

Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale and built by Versalift serve a global base of customers across a broad group of industries. Often, fleets encounter jobs that require additional equipment, and that means that they need to either purchase or rent. Versalift Capital and TRL Rental are each a part of the Versalift network of companies. Versalift Capital offers attractive financing options. When customers need to purchase aerial lifts and other equipment for projects, Versalift Capital can offer flexible and competitive lease terms. Because every project is different, Versalift Capital builds the right equipment financing solution to meet specific project needs. TRL Rental offers equipment on a rental basis. In many cases customers find that equipment rental is a good way to expand the capability of a fleet while avoiding new capital expenditures. When this is the case, TRL Rental offers a wide range of equipment, including aerial lifts, digger derricks, cranes and other equipment, for shorter-term use.

Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale – Financing – Versalift Capital

Aerial lift and equipment financing is available at Versalift Capital, provides attractive options for private fleets, contract businesses, municipalities and other organizations. With several quality financing options, including capital leases, operating leases and municipal leases, Versalift customers benefit from our equipment financing program in many ways:

  • Flexible Financing – Versalift Capital customers have access to flexible financing plans for both new and used Versalift equipment

  • Equipment Bundling – Customers are also able to bundle other equipment and accessory purchases into their Versalift Capital plan

  • Customized Programs – Using custom financing programs that are built to suit customer needs, Versalift Capital has the ability to target, and deliver, a desired monthly payment

Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale financing requires competitive rates and flexible terms, which are only a small piece of the value that Versalift Capital creates for customers. Working with our financing team can create strong residual value, which helps to make sure that ongoing equipment costs stay predictable and don’t get out of hand. Versalift Capital financing programs are designed to make sure that customers experience a lower true cost of ownership, reflected in their bottom line.

Versalift Capital – Dedicated Resources, Decades of Experience, Quick Turnaround

Versalift Capital customers can expect the benefit of dedicated and tenured equipment financing program resources. The Versalift Capital team has decades of equipment financing experience, and can deliver solutions that help to drive a lower true cost of ownership for customers. Quick turnaround on deal financing is a point of pride for the team at Versalift Capital. In fact, smaller equipment financing deals that are at or under the $250K mark normally receive approval in under an hour.

Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale and Rent- TRL Rents

Aerial lift equipment rental options for some fleet and contractor businesses. In these cases, equipment rental increases the flexibility of a fleet, while reducing its overall financial risk. TRL Rents, a Time Manufacturing company, offers a continually updated equipment rental list to enable customers to tackle projects that exceed their current fleet capacity. Bucket trucks, digger derricks, pressure drills, pole and reel trailers, traffic attenuators, bridge inspection equipment and cable placers are all available for rental. For some fleet customers, rental options reduce up front capital demands, which keeps operational cash flow predictable, and increases overall efficiency.

Aerial Lift and Equipment Rental – A Good Option?

  • Equipment rental allows customers to save money, especially if they want to avoid owning equipment that is not kept busy

  • When equipment is only needed every so often, choosing to rent consumes less operating capital and leaves money in the bank, where it belongs

  • By taking control of cash flow and avoiding the need to use bank credit, a fleet can increase the productivity of its owned assets

  • Equipment rental transfers the risk of equipment ownership to the lessor

Versalift Capital and TRL Rents are integral to the complete fleet solution that Versalift offers to its customers across North America and around the world. For more information on Versalift Capital and TRL Rents, or to reach your local distributor, please visit