Aerial Lifts for 5G Construction & Ongoing Maintenance

5G Bucket Truck

Aerial lifts are installed onto tens of thousands of trucks in American telecommunications fleets. Over the next decade, telecommunications fleets will need to grow to address the enormous project of implementing a 5G nationwide wireless network.The aerial lifts that are built for current telecommunications networks can only handle a portion of the task of building and maintaining 5G infrastructure. As a result, Versalift has developed a 5G Equipment Program to build equipment specifically purposed for installing and maintaining 5G antennas. Weighing between 50 and 350 lbs, these antennas require specialized mounts in order to be safely installed on utility poles. Using lighter, stronger materials, Versalift manufactures the safest, most maneuverable and most reliable aerial lifts on the market today. In cities, 5G planners expect that 5G antennas will be mounted on a variety of surfaces, including building exteriors, street furniture such as bus stops and traffic poles, and even within buildings, as they are needed.

Download and read the October 2019 Versalift 5G white paper, with more fanular detail about Versalift, the 5G rollout and several industries likely to be impacted at


Aerial Lift Innovations Address the Next Generation of Telecommunications

Aerial lifts built by Versalift support some of the world’s largest telecommunications fleets. The flow of reliable data is crucial to modern life in the United States. People need reliable telecommunications to simply operate normally, maintaining contact with family, work, friends and basic and emergency services. As the innovation leader in the aerial lift industry, Versalift makes the equipment that helps to build, maintain and improve overhead telecommunications and data systems. Versalift equipment features a clear lightweight advantage for telecommunications fleets, featuring greater payload capacities and resulting in far less wear and tear on chassis. Contact your Versalift distributor today.

Implementing Next-Generation 5G Telecommunications

Global telecommunications providers are preparing to implement 5G across several major urban and suburban areas within the United States and around the world. Following that, more urban areas will gain access to 5G, as the network is rolled out across the country. The construction and maintenance of 5G networks around the world will require hundreds of billions of dollars in overall investment, which will come from several major carriers, including Verizon and AT&T, who will then own the networks they build. Because the technology used in 5G is new, it faces new challenges. High degrees of population density, an ever-present factor in cities, creates issues for 5G. In order to complete a 5G implementation while addressing high population density in cities, telecommunications providers may need to work together with electric utility companies. This is because working on and around electric utility infrastructure will require 5G installers to use insulated aerial lifts. As it stands, a nationwide rollout of 5G will require the work of tens of thousands of technicians, using specially-equipped bucket trucks, over a period of decades.


5G will be the fastest and most efficient network ever built, but that is just the beginning. Predicted to revolutionize the way that people and businesses use the internet, 5G will power the Internet of Things, and support key industries, including farming, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and electric utility distribution.  As is always the case with all Versalift equipment, the safety of technicians who work in the elevated workplace is our first priority.