Bucket Trucks for Electric Utility Construction and Maintenance

VN-555-MHI WX190001

Bucket trucks that are engineered for use in the electric utility construction and maintenance industries are built to protect the people who use them. Electric utility linemen do the ongoing work of maintaining, upgrading, repairing and expanding electric utility infrastructure, both in the United States and around the world. Even when linemen are well trained and using appropriate equipment, their jobs are dangerous. At Versalift, we understand that our number one job is to keep the operator safe. We do that by delivering the smartest and most reliable equipment to our customers.

“With service locations across the United States, Versalift also dispatches service technicians to the job site, which saves fleet organizations both time and money.”

A Lower True Cost of Ownership

Versalift equipment creates a lower true cost of ownership for two reasons: smarter design and more reliable design. Using lighter weight materials with higher tensile strength, our aerial lifts have the lowest warranty rate, and the fewest product recalls in the industry. In addition to equipment sales, Versalift distributors provide service, parts, maintenance, troubleshooting and testing, and are located across North America. With mobile, on-site equipment service, rental fleet coverage and competitive equipment financing, Versalift distributors are full service providers.

Innovative Insulated Bucket Trucks For Electric Utility Fleets

Versalift insulated aerial lifts have a working height range of under 30 feet to more than 180 feet. The models listed below feature full-pressure hydraulic upper controls, which offer greater responsiveness and control.

  • VST-40-HDI – This insulated, material handling bucket truck can lift 700 lbs across the entire range of its working envelope. Simplifying the task by eliminating the need to refer to a load chart, allows linemen to focus on the challenging work that is in front of them. With an open-center hydraulic system, and non-lube bearings, this unit has less downtime than competitors.

  • VST-47-MHI This popular unit delivers value to fleets because it has a large working envelope from a smaller footprint. With plenty of platform capacity, material handling capacity and reach, this insulated aerial lift is counted upon by electric utility fleets across North America. Open-center hydraulic system and non-lube bearings allow this workhorse to keep working.

  • VN-555-MHI – This non-overcenter aerial lift features a mechanical compensating boom and 2,700 lbs of combined jib and platform capacity. With industry-leading material handling capacity on a single rear axle, this unit has nearly 43 feet of horizontal reach. Simple to service and maintain, this unit spends less time in the shop and more time at work.

  • PHX-150-I – This insulated, high-access aerial device features 150 feet of working height, 75 feet of outreach, 180 degree platform rotation and 1,500 pounds of jib and winch capacity. The PHX-150-I is primarily utilized for electric utility transmission work.  The PHX-150-I features a closed center hydraulic system.

Equipment Safety Systems: SlopeMax, TruGuard, ElectroGuard

Safety innovations have helped to set Versalift aerial lifts, and other equipment, apart from the competition. Since well before we invented the articulated telescopic aerial lift in the 1980’s, Versalift has been the innovation leader in the vehicle mounted aerial lift industry. SlopeMax, TruGuard and ElectroGuard are each passive safety systems that were designed by Versalift engineers to keep the operator safe.

SlopeMax – SlopeMax is a system of omnidirectional sensors that enable linemen to operate safely at base slopes of up to ten degrees. This innovation saves lives because it prevents unsafe operation and accidents.

TruGuard –  TruGuard is a safety system that isolates the entire upper control panel, and everything on it, from the rest of the vehicle. It does not alter the operation of the equipment in any way and requires no training.

ElectroGuard –  ElectroGuard is one of several safety systems that comes on every insulated Versalift bucket truck. ElectroGuard ensures that the bucket truck remains grounded in every boom position across the working envelope, including fully deployed and fully stowed.