Versalift Equipment Spotlights: Versatility, Reach and Innovation

Versalift Aerial Lifts Deliver A Lower True Cost of Ownership

Versalift Aerial Lifts Deliver A Lower True Cost of Ownership

Versalift aerial lifts create a lower true cost of ownership through smarter, more reliable design. Our customers, including telecommunications service fleets, electric utility distribution companies and municipal fleets, build and maintain North American infrastructure, working tirelessly to keep up with demand. Versalift distributors continue to serve fleets and linemen that build, update and maintain electric power and telecommunications infrastructure with the safest and most reliable equipment on the market. Below are three vehicle-mounted aerial lifts that highlight the versatility, reliability and innovation of Versalift equipment.


Versalift Versatility Spotlight: VO-355-MHI – Insulated Heavy Duty Material Handler

The Versalift VO-355 unit is an insulated, material handling bucket truck with a working height of over 60 feet and a horizontal reach of 47 feet. With a platform capacity of 800 lbs, these heavy-duty overcenter units are built to spec, with several jib mount options for material handling, While the VO-355-MHI is an insulated, overcenter aerial lift, non-insulated VO units are available for purchase through Versalift distributors.  Learn more about this impressively versatile unit or download a spec sheet here.


Versalift High Reach Spotlight: CTA-130-S – High Reach Workhorse

The Versalift CTA-130-S is an iconic piece of equipment, known for its reliability and durability. With a working height of 130 feet and maximum outreach of 50 feet, the CTA-130-S features 2,200 lbs of platform capacity and maximum jib capacity of 1,500 lbs, which gives it the highest combined platform & material handling capacity in its class. This unit has multiple outrigger configurations and can be short-jacked, which allows for more efficient set up and a more compact footprint.  View images and detailed specs of this Versalift CTA-130-S, which is currently available for purchase.


Versalift Innovation Spotlight: VST-40-HDI – 700 Lbs Jib Capacity In Every Boom Position

The Versalift VST-40-HDI is a heavy duty version of the popular VST-40-MHI. Like it’s popular cousin, this unit has a working height of 45 feet.  This insulated, articulated telescopic bucket truck boasts the capability to lift 700 lbs of material in any boom position, and up to 1,000 lbs of jib capacity at elevated boom angles. A Versalift VST-40-HDI paired with a BrandFX fiberglass truck body creates a lightweight advantage, and doesn’t require a CDL to be driven.  Learn more about the innovative, muscular VST-40-HD in more detail in a separate blog article.


SlopeMax® Is The Next Passive Safety Innovation

SlopeMax® is the newest safety innovation to come from Versalift. SlopeMax® is a passive safety system that enables linemen to safely work on slopes between five degrees and ten degrees. This innovation requires no maintenance, does not add any weight to the vehicle, and is relatively inexpensive. SlopeMax® is an available option for several Versalift SST models and a broad range of Versalift VST aerial lifts, including the VST-40-HDI.

Contact your Versalift distributor today for more information on SlopeMax®, or visit a SlopeMax® informational page on our website.