Bucket Trucks Since 1965 -Leading Innovation


Bucket truck safety and efficiency drive innovation at Versalift. As a designer and manufacturer of bucket trucks, Versalift has an established history of changing the game, and leading change with important innovations in the design and manufacture of bucket trucks. Since 1965, the engineering and manufacturing teams at Versalift have led the industry by creating several of the most important innovations in the bucket truck industry. One great example of this leadership comes from the 1980s, when Versalift created the Electroguard® system, which ensured (and continues to ensure) a significant insulation gap at all times, no matter how the boom is positioned: either extended or stowed. Electroguard® has since been replicated and has become an industry-standard safety feature on insulated aerial lifts produced by all manufacturers.

Bucket Truck Innovation – Continuing Advancements

Bucket truck innovation leadership continued at Versalift with the introduction of a new line of articulated telescopic bucket trucks in the late 1980’s. These remarkable and innovative models were important to the electric utility distribution industry because they made ideal insulated units. Versalift’s invention of the articulated telescopic aerial lift revolutionized the way that linemen would access the elevated workplace. Versalift introduced several product features, including a rotating work platform and several configurations of jib and winch systems. The combined factors of more maneuverable booms, rotating work platform and jib and winch made it so much more simple for linemen to safely park the Versalift unit, set up the jobsite and then get to work. These Versalift innovations have since become industry standard features.

“Versalift’s invention of the articulated telescopic aerial lift in the late 1980’s revolutionized the way that linemen would access the elevated workplace”

The Next Major Safety Innovation – TruGuard® Safety System

The engineering team at Versalift has delivered the next major innovation in lineman safety: TruGuard®, the most advanced bucket truck safety system available on the market today. TruGuard is a passive safety feature that functions similarly to an airbag or seatbelt, preventing injury by isolating the entire work platform, including the upper controls. Extensively tested, TruGuard creates an isolation barrier through which hydraulic fluid must flow. This prevents technicians, both in the bucket and on the ground, from exposure to electric current. As of 2019, TruGuard® comes standard on nearly every Versalift insulated unit.

Please take a moment to learn more about how TruGuard® protects linemen at the platform, and watch the video at https://versalift.com/safety/