• Bucket Trucks – Versalift Equipment Filter Find bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift can be searched and sorted by several equipment attributes at the company’s website, versalift.com. Prominently displayed near the top of the Versalift home page is the ‘VIEW LIFTS’ button, which takes users directly to the VIEW ALL EQUIPMENT page at https://versalift.com/bucket-trucks. Bucket Trucks… Read more »

  • Bucket Truck manufacturing at Versalift

    Versalift aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks provide a lower true cost of ownership to fleet and contractor customers across North America and around the world. The lower true cost of ownership that Versalift delivers is created through smarter, more reliable equipment design. Through the use of lightweight, high tensile-strength steel on lift components,… Read more »

  • Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale – Financing and Rental Options at Versalift Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale and built by Versalift serve a global base of customers across a broad group of industries. Often, fleets encounter jobs that require additional equipment, and that means that they need to either purchase or rent. Versalift Capital and TRL… Read more »

  • Material Handling Insulated Versalift Equipment Material handling capacity is a key feature available on aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift. Versalift units that are equipped with jib and winch are available on both insulated and non-insulated bucket trucks. Using aerial lifts with material handling capacity gives fleets the power to lift heavy loads in hazardous environments,… Read more »

  • 5G Bucket Truck

    Aerial lifts are installed onto tens of thousands of trucks in American telecommunications fleets. Over the next decade, telecommunications fleets will need to grow to address the enormous project of implementing a 5G nationwide wireless network.The aerial lifts that are built for current telecommunications networks can only handle a portion of the task of building… Read more »

  • Aerial Lifts - Versalift Distributors are Quoting Faster Delivery

    Man lifts can be defined as equipment that is used for the vertical conveyance of personnel. Mounted upon trucks and tracked equipment and used across the world, man lifts are used to build, maintain and repair essential overhead equipment. Electric utility linemen and technicians from other fields have many responsibilities in the elevated workplace, though… Read more »

  • It is the honor of several members of Versalift’s leadership team to help guide the organizations that play a role in keeping the aerial equipment industry competitive, safe, organized and continuously improving.  Mark Regan, who is Versalift’s Director of Sales for the Western United States and Canada, has joined the Executive Management Committee for the… Read more »

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 2, 2019, Louisville, KY – In alignment with its growth priorities, Versalift continues expansion. Versalift learned that it was under-serving the forestry bucket truck industry. To mitigate this, Versalift acquired TrueCo Inc, which became Versalift Forestry. At the ICUEE 2019 Expo, Versalift showcased its full line of Forestry Aerial lifts… Read more »

  • Versalift Launches Distribution Construction Units and Boom Speed Improvements at ICUEE 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 1, 2019 – Louisville, KY –  Aerial Lift Manufacturer, Versalift, has brought its largest ever group of representatives to attend the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE) 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky.  With strong growth, both globally and… Read more »