Bucket Truck Donation: Versalift, TRL, PCCA Lineman Safety

Bucket Trucks Donation – PCCA

Bucket truck manufacturer Versalift and its sister company TRL Rents recently donated several brand new pieces of Versalift equipment to the State Technical College of Missouri. This donation was facilitated by the PCCA (Power & Communication Contractors Association) Education & Research Foundation. Students who are enrolled in relevant programs at the college are going to be able to use brand new Versalift equipment. Donated Versalift units include brand new cable placers, digger derricks and bucket trucks.

The bucket truck donation has generated some excitement at the College and at the PCCA. Tim Wagner, PCCA president and CEO, reacted warmly to the generous donation. “Getting news like this is one of the best parts of my job. Thank you to Versalift and TRL Rents for their generous donation, and to Denny Nelson for putting all of this together.”  Denny Nelson, who understands the high value of quality operator training, shares in the enthusiasm. “We are really excited about partnering with PCCA to train the next generation of equipment operators, line workers, and technicians for the power and telecommunications market. This partnership helps us to get our equipment in the hands of the people who will build our future, and that is an exciting proposition.”

Bucket Truck Safety Is Our Priority

Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalft offer a lower true cost of ownership through smarter and more reliable design. Smarter design brings a lightweight advantage to our equipment, and more reliable design delivers the lowest recall and warranty rates in the industry. As always, our top priority is operator safety. One recent innovation in operator safety is TruGuard, the most advanced bucket truck safety system on the market, which comes standard on all insulated Versalift aerial lifts under 75’.

At Versalift, our bucket trucks are built to keep operators safe in hazardous environments. Product innovations alone are not enough to keep linemen safe. Operational and safety training is essential to the safety of a jobsite. That is why this equipment donation through the PCCA Education & Research Foundation is so important: training operators how to correctly use updated equipment and technology keeps all of us safer.