MEWPs: Mobile Elevating Work Platforms | High Reach


MEWPs support several crucial infrastructure systems across the globe. Telecommunications, electric utility (including power distribution and power transmission), public safety and lighting, and the rapidly growing wind energy programs are critical pieces of our country’s infrastructure and future. Each system is either connected or accessible through overhead means.

  • MEWPs are a safe and relatively inexpensive way to manage and maintain them.

  • Versalift is a manufacturer of the safest and most reliable aerial devices in the industry.

  • The Versalift distribution network covers the country, working to upfit and maintain Versalift MEWPs for their fleet customers.

In order for infrastructure management fleets to function safely and efficiently, their equipment must be regularly tested for safety, and linemen should attend ongoing operational safety training sessions.


MEWP Safety Compliance

MEWP safety is an ongoing concern for fleets that utilize them. Versalift offers a variety of safety training programs to meet the needs of fleet and contractor customers.

First, there are online training programs: safety and upper control training programs available online for our most popular models. Online MEWP training programs can be adjusted to account for spec changes, and they can be translated into Spanish language.

Second, there are in-person training programs, where Versalift distributors are able to conduct in-person safety training programs that are on-site or on location. During these training sessions, there is both classroom time and hands-on training. Pre-work inspections, safety protocols, operation and emergency situations are covered in-depth, in both online and in-person MEWP operational training courses.


MEWP & Equipment Brands Utilized Across North America

  • Local distributors – Versalift distributors sell, upfit and test an aerial device’s hydraulic and electrical systems, preparing MEWPs for delivery to their customers. Distributors are there to service, test and maintain equipment, providing parts, training, and warranty services.

  • Versalift – For North American markets, Versalift MEWPs are built using aerial devices that are manufactured in Waco, TX. Versalift customers are supported by a strong local service and distribution network that spans Canada, Mexico and the United States.

  • Ruthmann Reachmaster – Ruthmann and Bluelift are both MEWP brands that offer unique value both across North America and around the world.

  • Aspen Aerials – Aspen Aerials is a leading brand of specialized equipment that provides MEWPs with aerial devices that elevate in order to create underbridge access.


MEWP Usage

  • Electric Utility Distribution –  In North America, Insulated mobile elevating work platforms for electric utility distribution maintenance usually have a working height of at least 45 feet.

  • Electric Utility Transmission – American electric utility transmission infrastructure work requires MEWPs with vertical reaches that exceed 100 feet. These high access aerials have several unique uses, and not all of them require insulation.

  • Telecommunications – American telecommunications overhead infrastructure requires MEWPs with a vertical reach of 30-35 feet, and cable placer units, a specialized MEWP category.

  • Forestry and land management crews perform normal forestry tasks, powerline clearing tasks, tree trimming and public space maintenance.

  • Lighting & Public Safety work completed by DOT technicians and contracted engineers requires non-insulated aerials with a working height of around 40 feet.

  • Wind Energy units, built by Ruthmann, a Time Manufacturing Company brand, reach as high as 295 feet and are required for turbine and blade maintenance.