Time Manufacturing Company Acquires France Elévateur & Movex Brands

France Elévateur

Versalift parent Time Manufacturing Company has completed its acquisition of FE Group, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of aerial work platforms.

A Meaningful Step Forward In Our Global Growth Plan

In a recent press release, Curt Howell, CEO of Time Manufacturing Company commented on the addition of FE Group, “The France Elévateur acquisition represents a meaningful step forward in our global growth plan by adding more than 450 experienced professionals, a world-class regional product line, and over a dozen facilities across France, Belgium and Spain. Leveraging our existing reach in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, The FE Group improves our reach in the important national markets of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Eastern France and Spain.”

France Elévateur Adds To A Strong European Presence

Time Manufacturing Company has an excellent team that has built strong manufacturing and distribution operations across the European continent. Versalift International is headquartered in Farsø, Denmark, as is Versalift Denmark. Versalift United Kingdom has strong national sales and service coverage across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. European Versalift distributors have continued to develop strong sales and service coverage.

FE Group

The FE Group is a portfolio company composed of France Elévateur, FE Benelux, FE Deutschland, and Movex, with regional sales and service organizations that together serve surrounding national markets.

  • France Elévateur is a manufacturer and distributor of Aerial Work platforms, based in Flavigny-sur-Moselle, France.

  • Movex is a leading Spanish manufacturer and distributor of aerial work platforms, headquartered in La Garriga, Spain.

  • FE Benelux, which is located in Belgium, and FE Deutschland each provide aerial work platform equipment and service in their markets.

Opportunity In Europe

The acquisition of FE Group by Time Manufacturing Company represents remarkable opportunities for France Elévateur and Movex to expand and promote their product and service offerings to a broader audience. For Time Manufacturing Company, the addition of FE Group is significant in the development of a robust sales and service network that supports the specialized access needs of telecommunications, electric utility and other essential fleets in Europe, and around the world.