High Access Aerial Lifts Applications 

High Access Aerial Lifts Applications

High access aerial lifts that are safe and reliable at heights of greater than 100 feet are remarkable feats of engineering. Industries such as wind energy, infrastructure maintenance and electric power transmission rely on these high access bucket trucks to safely reach required heights, which can be as high as 295 feet. Stability in windy conditions and well-designed safety systems are hallmarks of high access aerial lifts manufactured by Time Manufacturing Company brands. Versalift CTA, PHX and SKY platforms, and Ruthmann STEIGER high access units are both Time Manufacturing Company brands that deliver safe and innovative high access aerial lifts to customers across the country and around the world.

High Access Aerial Lift – Versalift CTA (Condor)

Versalift CTA high access aerial lifts are based upon trusted Condor high access platforms. Known to be highly reliable workhorse aerial work platforms that reach well over 100 feet, Versalift CTA units are available for purchase or lease through Versalift distributors nationwide. CTA high access aerials come with working heights of 104 and 130 feet, and are available as insulated and non-insulated units. See unit specs, read details and learn more about the highly versatile Versalift CTA line of high access aerial lifts at https://versalift.com/bucket-truck/types/cta/.

Condor 150 I


High Access Aerial Lift – PHX (Phoenix)

High access aerial lifts that are available for purchase through Versalift include the PHX line of high reach equipment, with working heights ranging from just under 150 feet to 183 feet. Stable and efficient, Versalift PHX units have industry leading side reach at their full, 2,000 lb, capacity. Currently available to the market are the Versalift PHX-150 and the Versalift PHX-180. Available in both insulated and non-insulated models, PHX high access aerial lifts feature a unique boom configuration that enables efficient job site setup.

Versalift PHX-150-S

High Access Aerial Lift – SKY (Skybird)

High access aerial work platforms built by Versalift include SKY (Skybird), which is manufactured specifically for the safe and reliable management of electrical transmission networks. The insulated SKY unit features a maximum working height of 217 feet, horizontal reach of 102 feet, material handling options and 180 degree platform rotation. This unit has greater than 1,320 pounds of platform capacity.

Skybird 215I


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High Access Aerial Lift – Ruthmann

Ruthmann STEIGER high access aerial lifts are designed and manufactured by Ruthmann in Germany and reach as tall as 295 feet in working height. Engineered for North American markets, Ruthmann STEIGER premium high access aerial lifts are sold and serviced through Ruthmann Reachmaster, which is headquartered in Porter, TX. Ruthmann Reachmaster offers a complete fleet solution, and provides both new and pre-owned equipment sales, as well as service, parts, training and equipment financing.

Ruthmann STEIGER


Equipment Training For High Access Equipment

High access aerial lifts are often owned by equipment rental companies, and are utilized by experienced and trained operators. Accompanying the delivery of new high access aerial lifts, members of the Versalift high access group provide on site classes and hands on equipment training. More information on Versalift equipment training is available here.