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High Access Equipment Spotlight – Versalift CTA

Mar 20, 2023 | aerial devices, Aerial Lifts, High Access Aerial Lift

High Access Equipment

Typically, Versalift high-access equipment starts at 100 feet of horizontal access, and goes up from there. High-access aerial lifts that can be purchased through our high reach group include three iconic brands: Versalift CTA, Versalift PHX and Versalift SKY.

Versalift CTA (formerly Condor Transmission Aerials) – max working height of 104’ & 130’

Versalift PHX (formerly Phoenix Aerials) – max working height of 150’ & 180’

Versalift SKY (formerly Skybird Aerials) – max working height of 217’

See the Versalift High Access Equipment Page here.


A Summary of High Access Aerial LIfts and their Applications

Aerial lifts that are engineered for high access applications are used to support a wide variety of large infrastructure projects.  Site inspection, mineral extraction, bridge inspection, construction, and utility tower maintenance are each examples of uses of high access aerial lifts. Versalift is a Time Manufacturing Company brand, and manufactures and services high access aerial lifts for the North American market in Waco, TX.

High Reach Aerial Lifts – CTA 

Aerial lifts manufactured for electric utility transmission construction and maintenance include the iconic CTA line. CTA aerial lifts are built to be reliable and safe, while providing consistent, stable access to a large working envelope. High Reach CTA Aerial Lifts are available in working heights of 104’ and 130’. Engineered for stability, these units offer a robust working envelope, 2,200 lbs platform capacity and a full complement of redundant safety features.

Insulated CTA aerial lifts are relied upon for electric utility transmission maintenance and construction work. 

CTA aerial lifts are available in two basic models: the Versalift CTA-104 and the Versalift CTA-130Available as both insulated and non-insulated, CTA aerial lifts feature multiple outrigger configurations, making them more efficient to set up. CTA 104 and CTA-130 high access aerials offer utility and construction fleets increased levels of productivity, superior reach, ease of maintenance, jobsite efficiency and innovative systems design.

Ease Of Maintenance – Aerial lifts built by Versalift are engineered to be easier to maintain. Versalift engineers design both insulated and non-insulated CTA-104 and CTA-130 aerial lifts to have the fewest possible number of lubrication points. Where they are possible, pin bearings and slide pads on Versalift CTA high reach aerial lifts are non-lube type.

Working Envelope, Safety Features, In-Person Training – Aerial lifts that are relied upon for Electric Power Transmission, Construction and Bridge Inspection capacities are more valuable when they are more versatile. Linemen, engineers and technicians tend to value flexibility in the high reach aerial lifts they operate, putting safety first and always having immediate access to equipment controls. In the case of the Versalift CTA-130-I, there is a 135” insulation gap in the upper boom. A Versalift sales expert attends the delivery of new high reach CTA aerial lifts, providing hands-on training and classroom learning time to technicians. Ongoing training is always available to valued Versalift customers.


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For more information on Versalift high access aerial lifts, contact Steve Starling, Director, High Access Aerials.