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High Access Equipment Spotlight – Versalift PHX

Apr 6, 2023 | High Access Aerial Lift

High access equipment offered by Versalift includes the iconic PHX line. Formerly known as Phoenix Aerials, PHX high access aerial lifts, with working heights of 150 and 180 feet, are available as both insulated (I) and non-insulated (S) units. Versalift PHX aerial lifts are designed with a unique boom configuration that allows for more efficient jobsite setup and operation.

Versalift High Access Models

Our high-access models start at 100 feet of vertical access, and go higher from there. Versalift high-access aerial lifts include three iconic brands: CTA, PHX and SKY.

Versalift CTA (formerly Condor Transmission Aerials) – max working height of 104’ & 130’

Versalift PHX (formerly Phoenix Aerials) – max working height of 150’ & 180’

Versalift SKY (formerly Skybird Aerials) – max working height of 220’


Versalift PHX Heavy Duty Transmission Aerial Lifts

There are not too many industries that, like electric utility transmission, require more than 130’ of working height. When they need to push beyond that height, customers look to the PHX line of heavy duty transmission aerial lifts. Versalift offers two base models of PHX high access aerial lift: PHX-150 and PHX-180. Each of these two aerials is available as both an insulated and a non-insulated unit. At their full capacity, PHX high reach aerial lifts offer one of the largest working envelopes in the industry.


With a generous working envelope, industry-leading side reach, material handling capacity and unrestricted jib capacity, PHX units provide technicians with unparalleled versatility and efficiency at up to 180 feet.


Heavy-Duty High Access Units for Safety & Stability

Aerial lifts must always be safe, reliable and stable at maximum height, no matter how high they reach. By innovating new technologies to improve work effectiveness and safety, Versalift equipment has earned its reputation for quality. It is true that the highest standards of quality craftsmanship, materials and design can keep linemen safer. Additionally, the many risks associated with working at height and around electricity can be mitigated by both professional caution and training. Fleets and operators who use Versalift equipment can always sign up for aerial lift training, either in person, by expert technicians, or online, in order to review and affirm best practices in operational and jobsite safety.


Aerial Lift Sales and Service Available through the Versalift Distributor Network

Versalift is leading manufacturer of bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers and high reach aerial lifts for power generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication, sign, light, and traffic, and tree care industries. A Time Manufacturing Company brand, Versalift manufactures and services high access aerial lifts for the North American market in Waco, TX. Versalift distribution partners are a network of industry experts, engineers and technicians who deliver world-class customer service with the highest standards of equipment sales, scheduled service, repair and support. As a Time Manufacturing Company brand, Versalift is part of a global company, and yet we understand that local expertise is an essential component of superior service. Contact your local Versalift distributor today.