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Insulated Aerial Devices & Digger Derricks For Electric Power Distribution

Apr 17, 2023 | Electric Distribution, Electric Utility, transmission, transmission power

Manufacturing Safer Access Equipment for Electric Utility Distribution

As a leading manufacturer of aerial lifts, Versalift continues to make operator safety the number one priority. Versalift engineers continue to lead the aerial device industry in safety innovation, and take every opportunity to protect the operator without limiting equipment performance. Versalift equipment has the lowest warranty use rate and fewest product recall rates in North America.

Insulated Aerial Lifts for Lineman Safety

Insulated aerial devices that are manufactured by Versalift are serviced by members of our service and distribution network. Several popular Versalift insulated bucket trucks are equipped with unique passive safety systems that serve to protect the operator while keeping the job site safe.


Safety Systems for Working Near Electrical Phases

This blog explores some of the equipment and safety systems that protect linemen from hazards related to exposure to electrical current and to working at height. While falling from the bucket remains a risk, it is mitigated through the use of appropriate safety gear. Tip-overs remain a risk for some linemen, especially those who work in mountainous and hilly areas, who take risks by setting up their equipment on steep slopes.

  • SlopeMax – Versalift system of lightweight sensors that governs functionality of the lower boom when deploying at base slopes of greater than five and less than ten degrees.

  • TruGuard – Versalift operator safety system that serves to isolate the upper controls at the platform. This benefits linemen, who are able to use familiar hydraulic controls and tool power ports, even while accessing distribution infrastructure.

  • ElectroGuard – Versalift isolation system that provides an insulation gap on the boom, preventing current from arcing and impacting the safety of technicians and bystanders.


Popular Versalift Models for Electric Power Distribution

Versalift bucket trucks that are built for electric power distribution construction and maintenance tasks

  • VST-40-HDI – This is a powerful insulated bucket truck that has 700 pounds of material handling capacity across the entire span of its working envelope. Versalift VST insulated bucket trucks come with options and can be upfitted to provide reliability and safety while meeting fleet spec.

  • VST-52 – This Insulated articulated/telescopic unit has a working height of 56 feet, horizontal reach of 30 feet and 400 lbs of platform capacity. The VST-52 can create value for three-truck crews by providing versatility, maneuverability and support to other units.

*TruGuard and Electroguard safety systems come standard on all insulated VST units. Inquire for SlopeMax.

  • SST-37/40 EIH –  This unit has 42 feet of working height, nearly 28 feet of horizontal reach and 450 pounds of platform capacity. This unit includes 4-axis upper controls, continuous aerial lift rotation, and 180 degree platform rotation.

*TruGuard and Electroguard safety systems come standard on all insulated SST units. Inquire for SlopeMax.

Versalift Distribution Partners Offer a Complete Fleet Solution

Versalift distributors provide local expertise that can only be offered by experienced professionals who are from the area, and who understand the challenges of working there. Versalift distributors are industry experts, engineers and technicians who provide sales, service and support to our customers. With nationwide service coverage, our distributors also provide other premium equipment brands and are qualified to provide troubleshooting, testing and service on a range of vehicle mounted hydraulic systems. Additionally, Versalift distributors provide equipment training, finance and warranty services, and in many cases, stock parts.


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