Bucket Trucks Since 1965 -Leading Innovation

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Bucket truck safety and efficiency drive innovation at Versalift. As a designer and manufacturer of bucket trucks, Versalift has an established history of changing the game, and leading change with important innovations in the design and manufacture of bucket trucks. Since 1965, the engineering and manufacturing teams at Versalift have led the industry by creating… Read more »

Aerial Lifts for the Sign, Light & Traffic Industry – Versalift

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Aerial lifts make the maintenance of Sign, Lighting, and Traffic signals safe and efficient. Aerial lifts are suited to the tasks of elevating technicians, their tools and equipment to hard-to-reach places. At Versalift, we know that there really are not simple alternatives to truck-mounted aerial lifts. Versalift invented articulating telescopic lifts more than 30 years… Read more »

Bucket Truck & Aerial Lift Innovation | James Christian – AMA (Ask Me Anything!)

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Bucket Truck Innovations that disrupt the status quo come along every once and while. Today we interviewed James Christian, Versalift Director of Engineering who has been responsible for many of these innovations over the years. In an AMA (Ask me Anything) we asked James to provide some clarity for out customers. Below you will find… Read more »

Bucket truck safety innovations – TruGuard™2.0 – Versalift creates a new standard in safety

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TruGuard™2.0 – The world’s most advanced bucket truck safety system Bucket trucks manufactured by VERSALIFT are engineered to be the safest equipment available on the market. Whenever a qualified electric utility technician works around electricity, there is a very real risk of injury or death. The risk of electrocution is something that no operator or… Read more »