Aerial Lifts in Kansas

Aerial lifts support many important industries in Kansas

Aerial lifts are important to Kansas businesses and families because they support the consistent and high quality flow of electric power and data across the state. It is very common to spot a vehicle-mounted aerial lift parked off the road, with a technician working at the platform to maintain some piece of overhead equipment. But it is not justy the electricity and the cable television that aerial lifts support. They play an invaluable role in bridge inspection, forestry, and in the maintenance of municipal spaces, signage and traffic signals. There are three million people who live in Kansas, and all of them rely upon organizations with fleets of vehicle-mounted aerial lifts to keep their homes warm, their businesses moving, and their lives on track


Distributors for Kansas

Electric Power and Utility Industry in Kansas

Aerial lifts that support electric utility infrastructure in Kansas tend to need to be highly durable due to the fact that much of the population lives in rural areas. Rural Electric Cooperatives tend to support communities that have less than ten addresses per mile of distribution line. Investor-owned Utility Companies in Kansas tend to serve the larger metropolitan areas of the state and their surrounding suburbs. Versalift vehicle-mounted aerial lifts for electric utility distribution are outfitted with TruGuard®, the world’s most advanced safety system.

Kansas Utility Companies are either municipal, investor-owned, or are member-owned cooperatives. Some of these organizations are:

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Telecommunications Construction & Maintenance in Kansas

Aerial lifts for telecommunications fleets are an important part of what keeps the information moving in Kansas. 87.6% of Kansans have access to wired broadband service at a rate of 25mbpd or faster, which shows how important broadband access is to the state. Telecommunications contractors and fleets require several kinds of aerial lift-equipped vehicles to maintain their business, including van-mounted aerial lifts, cable placer trucks and taller, more powerful units that can serve multiple purposes.

Kansas Telecommunications & CATV companies include:

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Bucket Trucks and their applications for Forestry in Kansas

The Kansas Forest Service, located in Manhattan KS, is an independent agency for research and the critical care of forests and woodlands. Water health and wildlife habitat are extremely important to the stability of the states strength. 

Proper use of equipment ensures this success.

Aerial lifts for Bridge Inspection in Kansas

Aerial lifts for bridge inspection are most commonly used by contractors and bridge engineers on a contract basis with the state. The Kansas Department of Transportation oversees the permitting and bidding process for bridge inspection.  Most of the original bridge systems are still in operation in Kansas, with the design life of existing bridges at 50 years, most of them typically last 75 years. Newly designed bridges are projected to last 100 years, and to require lower maintenance costs. Interestingly, the John Mack Bridge is named as one of the eight wonders of Kansas architecture.

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With a population of nearly three million people, Kansas sits upon the American Great Plains, with beautiful low mountains and rolling hills across the state. Famed for its agriculture, Kansas is a major producer of wheat and soy, among other crops. The state is home to several important historic sites, including the Pony Express Trail and the Fort Scott Historic Site. Kansas City is the third largest city in the state, with major employers including General Motors and hospital systems. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and is home to the United States Air Force, and several important aerospace manufacturers. Topeka is the state capital of Kansas, and is situated on fertile ground along the Kansas River. 

Notes on Aerial Lift Safety from the United States Department of Labor

Kansas Aerial Lift Safety

Kansas Aerial Lift Safety is highly visible due to population density and the number of roads in the state. All safety codes are strictly enforced throughout the state, and are written to be in alignment with the United States Department of Labor’s OSHA regulations on Aerial Lift Safety. You can find the OSHA Aerial lift factsheet here.