International 7300 4X4 Steel Body

Digger Derricks

Max Capacity: 30,500 lb (13,850 kg)

Capacity at 10 ft Radius: 17,700 lb (8,050 kg)

Horizontal Reach: 40.2 ft (12.3 m)

Sheave Reach: 50.3 ft (15.3 m)

Load Radius: 8.0 ft (2.4 m)

Digging Radius: 28.8 ft (8.8 m)


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Digger Derricks

Product Overview

Maximum Capacity
30500 lb (13850 kg)
Capacity at 10ft radius
17700 lb (8050 kg)
Horizontal Reach (B3)
40.2 ft (12.3 m)
Sheave Reach (A3)
50.3 ft (15.3 m)
Digging Radius (S2)
28.8 ft (8.8 m)
Load Radius (R3)
8.0 ft (2.4 m)
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VERSALIFT TMD-4050T Digger Derrick, including the following items:

This section contains a brief description of standard components:

  • Boom assembly consists of the lower boom, intermediate boom, upper boom, and extension system. The lower boom is constructed of high strength steel forming a 9.75 x 14.75 rectangular section. The intermediate boom is constructed of high strength steel forming an 8 x 12.13 rectangular section. The upper boom is constructed of high strength, filament wound, epoxy resin, fiberglass with a 7 x 11 rectangular section and incorporates a fiberglass tip. The extension system includes two double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Each cylinder incorporates dual counterbalance holding valves.
  • Boom lift cylinders are dual double-acting cylinders equipped with dual counterbalance holding valves and self-aligning spherical bearings. Each cylinder is capable of fully supporting the rated lifting capacity of the derrick.
  • Turntable is constructed from 5/8” plate wings and a 1.5” thick base plate. The base plate is machined flat to support the rotation bearing.
  • Rotation drive consists of a hydraulically driven planetary gearbox and spur gear acting on a shear ball rotation bearing. The gearbox incorporates a limited slip feature to protect the boom against excessive side loads.
  • 15,000 lb. maximum capacity turntable winch consists of a worm gearbox, hydraulic motor, holding valve, and drum. At 40 GPM flow, the winch provides an average line speed of 50 fpm.
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection The overload protection is purely hydraulic and uses no electronics or electrical components. The system senses the boom lift cylinder pressure, when an overload condition is detected, the system disables the following: digger dig, winch raise, boom lower, upper boom extend, and intermediate boom extend.
  • Rotation is continuous and unrestricted in either direction.
  • The main pivot and cylinder joints use high strength hard chrome plated steel pins with fiberglass reinforced Teflon non-lube bearings.
  • Hydraulic System – Open center tandem pump provides a combined 40 GPM for the digger and winch circuit and 15 GPM for the boom functions. The digger/winch circuit operates at 2300 psi and the boom circuit operates at 2600 psi.
  • Fiberglass insulation is certified for 46kV and below in accordance with ANSI A10.31 dielectric rating requirements.
  • 52 in. tall pedestal is a fabricated steel structure incorporating a 1.5” thick top plate which is machined flat to support the rotation bearing.
  • Custom load capacity chart
  • Engine start/stop control operated by a toggle switch at the lower controls.
  • Complete unit is primed and painted prior to assembly. The standard color is white urethane.
  • Two operator’s manuals and two service manuals are included.

This section contains a brief description of the additional options installed:


  • Transferable pole guide can be pinned to either the inner boom tip or the intermediate boom. The pole guide includes hydraulic tilt and hydraulic operation of the pole claws. Holding valves are included to lock both cylinders in position.
  • Pole guide interlock prevents inner boom from extending unless either of the following conditions is satisfied: 1. The pole guide tilt is fully raised. 2. Or the pole guide is properly pinned to the upper boom.
  • Winch line is 1” diameter x 120 ft. Stable Braid
  • 8.5 ton rated swivel hook.
  • Digger assembly consists of the digger hanger (which is automatically transferred from the lower boom to the intermediate boom when the auger is unstowed) and auger stow bracket includes an overstow protection valve.
  • Digger drive is two-speed shift-on-the-fly with 14,000 ft-lb output on low speed.
  • Auger stow sling with 7/8” diameter synthetic rope.
  • Auger – 18” diameter auger with Rock Ripper head
  • Auger extension – 2-5/8” hex x 72” long
  • Riding seat lower controls with single stick consists of a turntable mounted deck, seat, and control console. Includes full pressure, full flow hydraulic controls with a single handle joystick for boom raise-lower, rotate, and intermediate boom extend-retract. Additional hydraulic valve levers are included to control winch, dig, upper boom extend, pole guide tilt, and pole claw open-close.
  • Panel light – Two 12VDC lights help illuminate the lower control panel.
  • Tool/Pole Puller Tool Circuit consists of a ship-loose hydraulic sectional valve with integrated adjustable flow control and pressure relief. The 3-position control valve allows operation of a tamper or pole puller, while still allowing operation of the digger derrick at the same time.
  • Sub-frame is full length and is constructed of 6 x 6 square tubing and 5/16” plate.
  • Main and auxiliary A-Frame outriggers are designed and constructed from high-strength steel. Outriggers are equipped with pilot operated check valves, internal thermal relief valves, and separate operating controls for each outrigger. Slide pads at each leg ensure smooth operation. The standard pivot feet swivel a minimum of 10° each way.
  • Outrigger/Boom interlock system is designed to prevent the boom from operating until the outriggers contact the ground and prevent the outriggers from being retracted before the boom is properly stowed.
  • Hydraulic Pump – Tandem gear pump supplies 15 and 25 GPM, which combine for 40 GPM.
  • Bulkhead mount reservoir (50 Gallon) includes cleanout, 10 micron return filter that can be replaced without draining the reservoir, dipstick, 100 mesh (149 micron) suction screen, gate valve, and magnetic drain plug.
  • Throttle control is variable speed foot operated pedal used to control the engine speed from the lower control station.

Cab and chassis specifications include the following:

  • International 7300 4X4 cab and chassis
  • Cummins 260 HP diesel engine
  • Allison 3500 RDS automatic transmission
  • 33,000 lb. GVWR: 13,000 lb. front GAWR and 21,000 lb. rear GAWR
  • 5×8.25 painted steel disc wheels with 11R22.5 Continental tires.
  • 124 inch C.A.
  • Engine block heater with socket located below driver’s door
  • Air brake system
  • Back up alarm
  • Air conditioning
  • AM/FM radio
  • Painted Winter White

Bodies Inc flatbed and transverse compartment box to include the following:

  • 132” long x 96 “wide flatbed with 12 gauge hot rolled tread plate floor
  • Exterior stake pockets installed on 24” centers with ¼” x 2” rub rail on each 132” side.
  • Curbside access (24 in. W) with access steps to bed area with cable step
  • Four (4) outrigger pad holders
  • Grab handles and access steps at rear
  • 94” wide 7-lamp light bar installed at rear of tail shelf
  • Rubber mounted recessed LED rear lighting kit with harness

48” long x 60” high x 96” wide transverse compartment with the following:

  • Stainless steel two point automotive paddle latch with new rotary door latch
  • Chain stops on all doors
  • Automotive bulb type weather stripping
  • Barn type compartment doors
  • Streetside Compartment: Six (6) 3/8” round fixed material hooks (3-0-3)
  • Curbside Compartment: Three (3) transverse drawers on 60”/250 lbs. roller bearing slides.

Installation to include the following:

  • Install VERSALIFT TMD-4050 digger derrick, mounting hardware, PTO and pump.
  • Install Dakota Bodies Inc. flatbed and transverse box.
  • Paint flatbed black and non-skid, paint transverse box to match cab and chassis
  • Install boom rest on front outriggers with strobe beacons
  • Install access ladder, platform rest, park brake interlock system and mud flaps
  • Install BP-100 Buyers pintle hitch, reinforcements, D rings, six and seven prong trailer plugs.
  • Install 3-point grounding system including grounding stud and spring loaded grounding reel (cable to be supplied by end-user)
  • Install hydraulic hose reel with 50 ft. of hose and quick disconnects.
  • Relocate glad hands to rear of chassis
  • Furnish wheel chocks, outrigger pads, fire extinguisher and 3-piece triangle reflector kit
  • Test ride completed unit for 1 hour.
  • Test and certify per ANSI A10.31 and ANSI A92.2