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Forestry Bucket Trucks – Custom Built at Versalift Forestry

Feb 11, 2019 | tree care, forestry

Forestry Bucket Trucks at Versalift Forestry

Forestry Bucket Trucks are a specialized type of aerial lift-equipped utility vehicle. The best forestry bucket trucks are designed, assembled and upfitted specifically for the rugged work of maintaining timberlands, parks, forests and other wild places.  Versalift Forestry builds robust, high reaching units that are uplifted with durable bodies, world-class aerial devices and customizable platforms to allow both single and multi-work environments. Vegetation management professionals who work in forestry prefer Versalift equipment because of its comparatively lower overall weight and a platform capacity that supasses the competition. Versalift aerial lifts are manufactured using high-tensile steel that is lighter-weight and that lasts longer than ordinary steel. High quality aerial lifts for forestry applications are available in both overcenter and articulating telescopic variations, with standard working heights that include up to 75 feet of vertical reach and market-leading horizontal reach.

Forestry Bucket Trucks Available In Custom Configurations

Forestry bucket trucks can be designed and assembled in a huge variety of configurations. Versalift Forestry division was recently established to ensure that our customers are getting design engineering and uplift support directly from the manufacturer. This allows us to work better with government agencies, individual contractors and large fleets. Because Versalift has relationships with all of the chassis manufacturers, Versalift Forestry can assemble and upfit a custom-built unit to meet your specific forestry bucket truck needs.

Forestry Bucket Trucks are assembled in Shelby, NC where Versalift Forestry is equipped to assemble, upfit and ship units nationwide.  With 24 service centers located across the country, and with the ability for fleet managers to quickly order parts from our new hub system, Versalift Forestry bucket trucks are supported with responsive, customer-focused service, warranty and parts departments.  Versalift Forestry stocks Boxes, Chippers and other specialized forestry equipment, and custom-paints any unit to match a customer’s company livery exactly.

Forestry Bucket Trucks that are Safe, Durable and Reliable

Forestry bucket trucks built by Versalift are the safest, most reliable and durable tree care and vegetation management aerial lifts available on the market today. Featuring a huge set of configurations and upfits for our valued customers, our equipment is custom-built for the exact specifications of each of our customers. Versalift Forestry bucket trucks are able to be configured with rear-mounted or reverse-mounted lifts, which allows for considerably more customizations and flexibility for our customers.

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