SlopeMax® | Discussion with SVP Engineering

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Slopemax Hill Situation

A Conversation with James Christian about the Inspiration for SlopeMax® Versalift engineers know that aerial lift operators face serious challenges when they set up their equipment on a slope greater than five degrees. In a conversation with James Christian, VP of Engineering for Versalift, he discusses the inspiration for SlopeMax®, Versalift’s newest safety innovation that… Read more »

Find Bucket Trucks – Search and Filter at

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Find Bucket Trucks Filter Sort Equipment

Bucket Trucks – Versalift Equipment Filter Find bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift can be searched and sorted by several equipment attributes at the company’s website, Prominently displayed near the top of the Versalift home page is the ‘VIEW LIFTS’ button, which takes users directly to the VIEW ALL EQUIPMENT page at Bucket Trucks… Read more »

Bucket Truck Safety & Linemen Appreciation

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Lineman Hero

Bucket truck safety is fundamental to every piece of equipment that we build at Versalift. In the electric utility industry, there are several serious safety considerations that must be taken to protect linemen when they are working. Among these considerations, one of the most important is dielectric isolation, which prevents injury from electric shock. TruGuard®… Read more »

Aerial Lift Safety – The Core Focus at Versalift

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Aerial Lift Safety – Our Primary Focus Aerial lifts are an increasingly common sight around the world as economies continue to develop, and the demand for electric power and access to telecommunication service surges. Many important American industries depend on aerial lifts to safely guide technicians into the air. This group of industries includes sign,… Read more »